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Local church may be struggling with storm damage, but they are survivors

During the recent floods many homes and businesses in our area have been destroyed or significantly damaged. Kirbyville Full Gospel Ministries is just one of them.

Elder Mable Moss said, "The church is insured, but I just don't think there's any way it will cover all this damage". On a walk through today, there were entire walls that had to be torn out, mold was everywhere, all the pews were destroyed and had to be removed, and almost everything was in a dumpster outside the front door.

Entities such as the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief have been a Godsend to the church and to many who are in the same situation. These men come from all over and volunteer untold hours pulling out wet and molded sheet rock, carpets, and everything else that was destroyed. In some cases they also help to rebuild when they can. Of course, with anything there is a limit to what they can do.

In the Kirbyville area alone, a lot of the same homes and businesses that flooded three weeks ago, have flooded again. After the flooding of this weekend and the current dam releases, it is believed that there will be more.

If the SBA relief that the state has applied for is granted, this will provide low interest loans to many who've received damages. This along with the DETCOG assistance and The Jasper-Newton Long Term Recovery Group, hopefully everyone is able to get the assistance that they need. (Look at our previous articles for information on how to receive help).

As for the people of Kirbyville Full Gospel Ministries, they are struggling, but they are survivors. They are currently worshiping at the Family Healthcare Clinic at Dr rath's office on Sundays at 9:45 every Sunday. Unfortunately, on May the 12th which is Mother's Day, the facility will be used by another group. Elder Moss added, "If there is a facility available we would be glad to worship there".

If anyone has a facility available for that day or would like to donate or help the church in any way, you are asked to call Mable Moss at 409-698-6895.


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