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Ladycats Chain the Kelly Bulldogs!

Ladycats traveled to Beaumont last night to battle the Kelly Lady Bulldogs. Kirbyville coming into this game looking to improve on their 2-6 record, with the Kelly having a 5-11 record. Lady Bulldogs had to key players S. Doctor who is averaging 12.6 PPG and Madisyn Cotten with 8.1 RPG. These players have been key to Lady Bulldog’s team this year. The Ladycats coming into this game with high expectations after a close loss to the Orangefield Lady Bobcats. They’ve down an excellent job adjusting to the new scheme Coach Merchant and her staff have brought in, and the work is showing. The 1 Qtr. Kelly’s Flanagan put up 8 of the 10 points, but the Ladycats weren’t having it. A. Peterson, C. Haywood, and A. Diggles responded scoring 12 points to allow the Ladycats to grab the lead. M. Peterson and M. McMahon stepped up and put up a combined 13 of the 17 points scored in the 2 Qtr. Kelly’s Fontenette led the Lady Bulldogs with 5 of the 10 points. Unfortunately, Kelly’s leading rebounded ended up with 4 fouls in the first half of the game. Ladycats held a 9-point lead going into halftime, which free throws seemed to be the achilles heel. During the last few minutes of halftime, Coach Merchant had her players practice free throws. This strategy played out well with the Ladycats going 5-8 from the line, and helping extend the Ladycat’s lead. The 3rd Qtr. the Ladycats were able to spread the points between each player, which player make critical shots. Kelly’s Cotton fouled out early in the 3rd Qtr., this hinder Kelly’s rebounding the entire second half. The 4th Qtr. scoring was in the single digits with many points based on free throws. Ladycat’s walked away with the victory 54-41, improving their record to 3-6! Good luck to both teams as they take a short holiday break!


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