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Lady Cats 2-Win Streak!

This past week has been busy for ETB Sports, covering basketball to UIL Cheer Championship then back to basketball in The Ville.  So, let’s kick this article with Lady Cats JV basketball vs Buna this past Tuesday night. The JV Lady Cats had a big 1st Qtr. Putting up 8-points and holding the JV Lady Cougars to 0. The JV Lady Coogs were able to slow the Lady Cats momentum in the 2nd Qtr. only allowing 2-points, while dropping a 3-pointer. The score was 10-3 in the JV Lady Cats favor going into the half. The Lady Cats and Lady Coogs defenses did a great job in the 3rd Qtr. of limiting scoring. The JV Lady Cats had a big 4th Qtr. putting up 7-points and the Lady Coogs hit another 3-pointer. Lady Cats got the W 21 to 8 over the Lady Coogs. High scores for the Lady Cats were Hayden Smith with 8-points, Logan Smith with 7-points and Hannah Smith with 6-points. An amazing play in the game was when Logan Smith drained a 3-pointer. Lady Coogs high scores were C. Baker with 4-points and H. Dubose with 3-points, both players hit 3-pointers in the game. The JV Lady Cats were slated to face Anahuac on Friday, but the Lady Panthers didn’t have enough players.

You’re Varsity Lady Cats had a big week with 2 wins, which gives them a 2-1 record in district. There first opponents of the week were the Lady Cougars. If you weren’t there you missed a great game, both teams fought hard to the end. The Lady Cats had a big 1st Qtr. leading the Lady Cougars 10-9, M. McMahon and M. Peterson were the big scores. B. Branch & K. Jurik put points on the board for Lady Coogs. After the 1st Qtr., The Lady Coogs took over the lead by scoring 8-points and outscoring the Lady Cats by 2-points. The Lady Coogs held the lead going into the half. Lady Coogs had a big 3rd Qtr. outscoring the Lady Cats by 10-points and have big defensive stops. The Lady Cats weren’t done, they as they went big and put up 16-points and holding the Lady Coogs to only 2-points. The Lady Cats were trailing 34-32 with a minute left, when C. Haywood drained a 3-pointer to put the Lady Cats on top. After the Lady Cats gave-up a foul which would have allowed the Lady Cougars to take the lead again. Lady Cats were able to regain the ball which allowed M. McMahon to hit a lay-up sealing the deal. Lady Cougars fought to the very end with 16 seconds left in the game, but the Lady Cats held on to capture the win 37-34! The Lady Cats high scorer was M. McMahon with 24-points. The Lady Coogs high scorers were B. Branch with 9-points and R. Sherman with 8-points. This game was a very physical game, with a total of 36 fouls between the teams.

Next-up the Lady Cats faced the Anahuac Lady Panthers at the Wildcat’s Den Friday. The Lady Cats jumped out in the 1st Qtr., taking the lead 15-9. The Lady Panthers had a good 2nd Qtr. scoring 13-points and closing the score by 3-points 25-22. The Lady Cats came out the second half outscoring the Lady Panthers 30-16. This gave the Lady Cats their second victory of the week.  The Lady Cats high scorers were M. Peterson with 25-points and M. McMahon with 13-ppints. Congratulations on the big district wins for the Lady Cats! #WinTheDay


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