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Kirbyville woman turned herself in after assaulting a school employee

On October 13th of last year, Andra Grant, the Director of Transportation at KCISD, contacted Officer Ashley Arce of the Kirbyville Police Department to report an assault at the bus barn.

The woman committing the assault was identified as Caitlyn Boyett of Kirbyville.

According to the bus driver, Roxie Alvarez, Boyett's son, had accidentally gotten on the wrong bus. Alvarez stated that once she realized he was on the wrong bus, she let the school know and kept him on the bus until she made her way back to the bus barn where his mother was waiting. Alvarez said that when she opened the doors to let the boy off, Boyett got onto the bus and began 'cussing and yelling' at her.

Meanwhile, Alvarez called Grant on the radio to let her know what was happening. According to the report, when Grant arrived at the scene she asked Boyett to get off the bus three times before Grant finally took her off the bus. It was at this time that the woman, hit Grant in the face, injuring her. There were four children on the bus as this was happening.

Albert Rambo was at the bus barn when the incident happened. He said that he heard the screaming and went outside and realized that Boyett was screaming at Grant. She swung and hit Grant across the face. He then got between the two women to keep Boyett off of Grant.

Vondol Bailey was also at the bus barn that day. She verified what everyone was saying about the incident.

Officer Arce said, "I watched the video and it was exactly as the victim and witnesses said. You can see the bus driver opening the door and then the very angry Caitlyn Boyett stepping on the second step of the bus and starting screaming at the driver who is telling her it is against the law for her to be on the bus."

Arce continued, "You can see several children all frightened as they watch the scene unraveling. You can see Andra trying to get her off the bus and then Caitlyn hitting her on the left side of her face and continuing to be belligerent. After this others step in to keep her away from Andra, the bus driver, and the children."

Arce explained that she took a photo of the mark on Grant's face which was red on that day and then again on the 18th at which time there was a bruise present from the assault.

Boyett voluntarily turned herself in yesterday, March 16th, and was charged with Assault Causing Bodily Injury/Simple Assault, a Class A Misdemeanor. Her bond was set at $5,000 which she posted and was released that morning.


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