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Kirbyville Woman's Civic Club announce Art Contest winners!

The annual Art Contest hosted by the ladies of Kirbyville Woman's Civic Club has come and gone and once again, amazing works of art were judged, awarded and shared with the public. It is an event the citizens of our fair city have always enjoyed and looked forward to each year.

This year is not unlike those that came before. Budding young artists have wowed the judges and the public as usual.

Elementary School


1st Grade

1st- Harper Lewis

2nd- Maya Hopper

3rd- Paige Allen

Honorable Mention- Riley Webster


2nd Grade

1st- Trinity Rosales

2nd- Grant Ratcliff

3rd- Jason Billingsley

Honorable Mention- Karson Draper


3rd Grade

1st- Adalynn Montgomery

2nd- Hadley Hazlewood

3rd- Lizeth Rodriguez

Honorable Mention- Payton Hayes


4th Grade

1st- Luna Claro

2nd- Emma Hollier

3rd- Teagan Rogers

Honorable Mention- Aiden Summit


5th Grade

1st- Miya Walters

2nd- Alayna Chandler

3rd- Kennedy Jeselink

Honorable Mention- Linsli Wagnon

Honorable Mention- Morgan Adams


Mrs. Weaver's Class

1st- Andrew Gore

2nd- Tyler Young

3rd- Kayden Merka

Honorable Mention- Jacob Bush

Below; Elementary winners. Jr High and High School photos after the list of winners


Jr High School


Mixed Media

1st- Addy Meredith

2nd- Macie Odom

3rd- Andrew Spencer

Honorable Mention- Emmalee Stephenson

Honorable Mention- Katie Clark



1st- Addy Meredith

2nd- Haidyn Walters

3rd- Ane Elise Clark

Honorable Mention- Hallee McCauley


Chalk Pastel

1st- Matilda Smith

2nd- Krystal Jones

3rd- Macie Odom

Honorable Mention- Akea Brayford

Honorable Mention- Ane Elise Clark


Oil Pastel

1st- Kamble Simmons

2nd- Kenleigh Billiot

3rd- Grace Roberts

Honorable Mention- Chandler Slaydon


Historical People

1st- Addy Meredith

2nd- Kamble Simmons

3rd- Tripp Moss

Honorable Mention- Collin Ferrell

Honorable Mention-Holdyn Hermis



1st- Zander Fussell

2nd- Isabella Duck

3rd- Zander Fussell


Pencil Drawing

1st- Emma Morris

2nd- Karli Draper

3rd- Kearstin Morris

Honorable Mention- Kamble Simmons

Honorable Mention- Abbigail Jones


Landmarks & Buildings

1st- Cooper Kent

2nd- Isabella Duck

3rd- Jayvain Duck

Honorable Mention- Emma Meredith

Honorable Mention- Ivylynn Cox




1st- Addi Brown

2nd- EmmaLee Stephenson

3rd- Kamble Simmons

Honorable Mention- Landon Presley


Nutcracker Paintings

1st- Kamble Simmons

2nd- Ane Elise Clark

3rd- Kaytlyn Kourtney

Honorable Mention- Abigail Richards

Honorable Mention- Joselin Rodriguez


Famous Art

1st- Addi Brown

2nd Ashunti Diggles

3rd- Allyssa Lee

Honorable Mention- Kenzie Dimitry

Honorable Mention- Abbigail Jones



1st- Ane Elise Clark

2nd- Kira Jackson

3rd- Kaytlyn Kourtney

Honorable Mention- Anna Roberts

Honorable Mention- Matilda Smith


Patriotic Paintings

1st- Branden Hicks

2nd- Kenleigh Buillot

3rd- Macie Odom

Honorable Mention- Ane Elise Clark

Honorable Mention- Maddy Moore



1st- Paisley Watson

2nd- Kayli Stevens

3rd- Kasey Smith

Honorable Mention- Blade Richards

Honorable Mention- Ever Billingsley


High School


Mixed Media

1st- Jacob Stanley

2nd- Tirzah Naomi

3rd- Carly Nichols

Honorable Mention-Nevaeh Brizendine


Watercolor Landscape

1st- Kadence Richardson

2nd- Kaitlyn Lienhardt

3rd- Katelyn Crane

Honorable Mention- Cassiti Edwards



1st- Lachristy Cooper

2nd- Jace Huffman

3rd- Cameron Coleson


Graphite Value

1st- Amanda Cervantes

2nd- Sydney Gaskill

3rd- Jacob Stanley

Honorable Mention-Hayden Smith



1st- Eden Michler and Jayda Franks

2nd- Airyanna Diggles

3rd- Coty Nall

Honorable Mention- Kacie Potter and Chloe Jones

Honorable Mention- Kyleigh Roberts and Rayleigh Gore


Map Pencil

1st- Ariana Gifford

2nd- Helen brown

3rd- Ryder Ferguson

Honorable Mention- Kennedi Smith

Honorable Mention- Darcy Jones


Graphite Structure

1st- Coty Nall

2nd- Ethan Lovell

3rd- Addilyn Monclova

Honorable Mention- Kaitlyn Leinhardt



1st- Tirzah Michlar

2nd- Jacob Stanley

3rd- Jordan Stanley

Honorable Mention- Dillon Baker



1st- Ethan Lovell

2nd- Hadyn Blaskey

3rd- Thomas Glenn

Honorable Mention- Mica White


Watercolor Animals

1st- Addlyn Trammell

2nd- Taylor Crane

3rd- Joe Davis

Honorable Mention- Brylee Kimmel

Honorable Mention- Krista Duboiss


Watercolor Flowers

1st- Kacie Potter

2nd- Addilynn Trammell

3rd- Cooper Murphy

Honorable Mention- Kacie Potter



1st- Keira Ford

2nd- Amanda Cervantes

3rd- Ryder Ferguson

Honorable Mention- Brady Pophan


Best of Show

Wesley Burchett-Horse in Graphite Value


Best of Show Runner Up or Judges Choice

Addilyn Monclova-Jellyfish in Mixed Media

Below; High School and Jr High School winners

ETB would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all who placed! We hope to see more from these students in years to come!


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