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Kirbyville students learned all about fire safety today!

About 300 Kirbyville Elementary students from Pre-K through 2nd grade learned about fire safety Friday morning!

Kirbyville Fire Chief Greg Ellis said that the department has been doing this for more than 30 years. Today, eight local firefighters showed up to instruct the children and allow them to go through their 'Fire Safety House'.

Ellis said, "It teaches the children safety in the kitchen, living area with a fireplace or wood heater, bedroom with space heaters, and most of all, how to get out safely and to never go back inside for anything. We also teach them how to dial 911, when to dial it, and of course when not to dial it. Children also learned the importance of setting up a meeting place outside with their parents and siblings so that their parents can easily locate them when they get outside. This also helps the firefighters to know if everyone has gotten out safely or not. It's all about safety."


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