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Kirbyville school bus and postal vehicle 'appeared' to have wrecked, but that was not the case at all

Shortly after 4pm today, at the corner of West Trout Street and North Margaret Ave in Kirbyville, what was mistaken for a collision involving a school bus and a postal truck had drivers and bystanders in a buzz, and understandably so.

Kirbyville Police Officer, Cal Morgan said that while it appeared to have been an accident, it really was only a weird coincidence.

The school bus had finished dropping children off and once the driver began pulling out into the street, the bus died. When the driver called for assistance, Officer Morgan and a Patrick's tow truck arrived with a postal truck loaded up in-tow. It is unknown as to why the mail truck was there, but it was in no means related.

Another day in the life of small town America. Two separate incidents, or a glitch in the matrix. You decide! 😄

Photos courtesy of ETB Sharpshooter Elizabeth Harley


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