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Updated: Kirbyville PD Santa's Toy Box and simultaneous Remembrance of Joe Haley was a packed show! Rockin' the Palace!

(Edited to include the photography of Brandon Boyd)

In what began as a fundraiser for Kirbyville PD's Santa's Toy Box, an event which provides Christmas gifts for less than fortunate children in Kirbyville, soon morphed into a combination event with the addition of a Memorial Concert for Santa's Toy Box volunteer and lead guitarist for The Pegwinders, Joe Haley.

Haley passed from this world and into the Loving Arms of his Savior Jesus Christ on the morning of Saturday, January 20th; one week before the event...but, the show must go on and go on it did!

The show featured local artists; Case Granger, Amazing Timekeepers, RoyBoy Collins, Seth Stevens, Brandon Boyd, The Pegwinders and Mama Earl, and The Bon Ami Band.

Josh Hancock who is a volunteer for Santa's Toy Box each year said, "We had a really good turn out. Lots of people showed up and between the door and the BBQ stand, we were able to raise a little over $3,600 for the kids."

Hancock said that the concert was coordinated by RJ Morgan, drummer for the Bon Ami Band and Santa's Toy Box volunteer. Hancock added "RJ called me and said he wanted to set up the concert. Me, RJ, Joe, Lynn Fussell with KOFA Catering and upwards of 40 volunteers worked hard to pull this event together."

Joe's sister, Sharon Haley Dixon wrote a bit of a tribute to her brother;

"My brother was one of a kind. He had the purest heart of anyone I've ever met. He didn't live his life to achieve material things because he was so rich in love. If Joe loved you, you knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt. He was never shy about telling anyone how much they meant to him. And that was his super power. He was talented and humble. He was born to be a music man and he did it in the most beautiful way! We miss him very much but we know he's also still with us and always will be. We are blessed to know he was happy, loved and he loved Jesus. I wish more people were like my brother."

Sharon added, "Thank you so much to all of the bands who played last night to both support an amazing cause, and to tribute my brother. Everyone behind the scenes for weeks, months and in some cases years making this happen. He was really excited and it really felt like he was up there playing with yall! He would have been really proud of everyone because you truly did Rock the Palace! My family really appreciates every single one of you!"

Joe's godsister, Sarah Fussell and vocals for The Pegwinders had this to say about him;

"Joe Haley was one of a kind, there will never be another. We’ve played and sang together since we were children, he was my brother. He organized our set list for Saturday at the Palace, his heart was in it 1000%. He could not wait to play the Palace again. We had played there once before when I was 12 and he was 16 I believe, and twice more in 2001 when Load Zoned Bridge was formed. He put so much into the show, and we lost him right before he got the chance to rock the Palace. As broken-hearted as we all were, we knew we had to push through and stand tall for our brother. Joe loved EVERYONE. He loved hard. He’s the only person I knew who truly loved like Jesus. We should all strive to be more like Joe, less judgin’ more lovin’. The tribute to Joe at the Palace Theater was absolutely so beautiful and special. I know he was watching and playing that golden Les Paul in the sky right along with us. We will always miss you, Broseph! Love you forever."

Josh Hancock said, "Joe was really excited about (the event) and part of putting it all together until he passed. Joe was always willing to help with anything we needed. It was fitting (to have the memorial tribute at this event). He always did one heck of a job."

Hancock added that Joe volunteered with Santa's Toy Box each year and was always there anytime they needed him.

And last, but certainly not least, event organizer and drummer for the Bon Ami Band RJ Morgan said, "Last night history was made in Kirbyville, Texas. With help from Kirbyville PD, our musical family and the love and support from the community, we raised money for our local toy drive and honored our own, Joe Haley. The night was filled with hugs, love, and fond memories of Joe. While it was tough at time to carry on, we knew it was what he would have wanted. We would like to thank everyone who came to the show and supported these wonderful causes! In the words of Joe Haley, 'I love you, peace!'"

Once the concert was coming to an end, all of the bands got on stage and sang Hank Jr's Blues Man in a moving tribute to David Joseph 'Joe' Haley.

Photos courtesy of EBT Sharp Shooter Brandon Boyd

Video and photos below courtesy of ETB Sharpshooters Joe Dueitt, Cindy Barlow, Sarah Fussell, Sharon Haley Dixon, and RJ Morgan


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