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Kay-Alana is still missing...359 days and counting

March 10th will mark one year since the disappearance of Kay-Alana Turner.

In a Facebook post, her dad wrote the following;


DAY 359!

One of Kay-Alana's friends shared a video of her singing and we shared it here. If you look at the date you'll see it's from March 1st 2023. Nine days later a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy busted Kay-Alana's window out with a 2x4. Please go watch that video and tell me does Kay look like a homeless drug addict? Does she look like someone who is capable of the things they have accused her of? The shoes she is wearing are the same shoes that were found in the woods that day full of glass. These officers attacked a defenseless woman and then lied to cover up what they did. Kay-Alana deserved better! When they learned the truth they continued to lie. We love Kay-Alana, God loves her more. Please if you follow this page tell Kay-Alana's story, don't let HCSO get away with lying.

Lord please help us find the truth. Please bring Kay-Kay home. Please let her be met with kindness. In Jesus name, Amen.

Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.

Psalm 73:25

Please share this and pray it helps bring Kay-Alana home!


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