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Jasper PD visit First Baptist School children

All photos courtesy of Jasper PD and Jasper First Baptist School

On Wednesday Jasper Police Officer Broom and Sgt. Patrick stopped by First Baptist School to speak with Pre-K - 3rd grade students.

While there, the officers discussed with the children how to safely and positively identify police officers. The kids were all given a goodie bag and got to activate the patrol car sirens.

The officers explained the various aspects of their job and how all of Jasper PD puts our citizens first. The officers told the kids first and foremost our main job function is to keep our community safe. The kids were very appreciative, and many of them stated they wanted to be police officers one day.

Both officers enjoyed being around the kids and the time spent with them won't be forgotten.

A spokesperson for the school said in a Facebook post, "Thank you so much Jasper PD for coming to see us yesterday! Our students asked a lot of great questions. Why do officers eat donuts was asked more than once! Turning on the lights and sirens and the goody bags were definitely a highlight! Again, we’re so grateful for our little community’s support! The Fire Department will be here in two weeks!"


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