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Jasper man indicted on two additional counts of indecent exposure in Kirbyville with more charges expected

Yesterday we reported that a Jasper man, Billy Joe Glazier was arrested and charged with indecent exposure in Kirbyville. We also told our readers that at least two more charges were pending against him.

Today, Glazier went before Jasper County Judge Brett Holloway and was charged with two additional counts of indecent exposure. One count has a bond of of $7,500 and the other count has a bond of $10,000 on top of the original bond of $5,000.

ETB has learned that additional charges are now probable against Glazier.

In our original story which was shared to Facebook, numerous people have commented similar run-ins with Glazier. They were all encouraged to contact Kirbyville Police Department and fill out a report.

Our original story follows in its entirety;

On January 23, at 5:45pm, Kirbyville Police Officer Frank Erimias was dispatched to W. Levert St. in reference to a man with his pants down and fondling himself in front of those in that area.

As Officer Erimias pulled onto the street and the man saw him, he immediately pulled up his pants and zipped them up, turned towards the officer and then walked towards a gold Mercury 4 door car with the hood up.

Erimias asked the man for his identification. The man told the officer that he didn't have one. He then turned and faced Erimias aggressively and clenched his arms into his own ribcage. Erimias then asked the man to put his hands on top of the car but the man refused to do so. He then began resisting both verbally and physically. KPD Officer Cal Morgan soon arrived and assisted in the arrest.

The man, identified as 57-year-old Billy Joe Glazier of Jasper was arrested and placed in the patrol car. Morgan stayed with the suspect while Erimias spoke to a witness.

Glazier was arrested and arraigned on Wednesday and charged with one count of Indecent Exposure. Bond has been set at $5,000. There are are at least 2 charges pending on Glazier until tomorrow when he is arraigned on those charges as well. While we already have that information, we are legally obligated to withhold it from the public until he is formally arraigned on the additional charges. ETB will update our readers once that information becomes available.


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