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Jasper ESD #1 Meeting - January 30th





January 30, 2024


The regular meeting of the Board of Emergency Services Commissioners of Jasper County Emergency Services District #1 will be held at the Jasper County Sub Courthouse (33625 US Hwy 96 South) in Buna Texas on January 30, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.

The following agenda items will be discussed, considered and action taken as appropriate:


1. Call to order and establish quorum;


2. Swearing in of Commissioners for FY 2024;


3. Citizen Comments

This item is available for citizens to address the Board of Commissioners on any matters. The presiding officer may ask the citizens to hold hisor her comments on the agenda item until that agenda item is reached. By law, no deliberationor action may be taken on the topic if the topic is not posted on the agenda. The presiding officer reserves the right to impose a time limit on this portion of the agenda;


4. Consider for action minutes of previous meetings;


5. Consider for action Treasurer’s Report​


​A​End of FY 2023 Report from Randy Sayers​

B.​Financial report from Treasurer

​C.​Consider for action, payment of bills;

​D..​Investment interest;


6. Executive Session

• Public Information Request from Mr. W. Dolcefino

• District real property located on US 96 and actions taken to remove renter.




7. Consider for action monthly reports from Allegiance Ambulance and other comments;


8. Consider for action reports from Buna Volunteer Fire Department Chief Larry McBride to include run report, financial reports, membership reports and other necessary reports;


9.      Correspondence to District

• Request from Buna Chamber of Commerce

• Request for Public Information

• Top Ten Jasper County Property Report (JCAD)


10. To review, discuss and take action on any needed maintenance, replacements, and improvements related to the operation of the district’s station, apparatus or equipment;


11. To consider and approve Fire Department to adjust their FY 2023 budget and utilize funds for equipment purchases;


12. Consider for action purchase of Motorola APX mobile radios (4);


13. Report on Jasper County Communications Briefing;


14. Consider for action contract between District and Department;


15. Consider for action audit for the Department;


16. Consider for action ESD facilities located at FM 1004, Central Fire Station and south station.  This also includes new water facilities;;


17. Review of the meeting planner and discussrequests from the Board for any agenda items for consideration at the next meeting scheduled for February 27, 2024;


18. Adjournment


Jasper County Emergency Services District #1 is committed to compliance with the Disabilities Act. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request. Please call the District at 409-994- 2543, for information. Hearing impaired or speech disabled persons equipped with telecommunication devices for the deaf may call the statewide Relay Texas Program, 1-800-735-2988.


I hereby certify that the above notice was posted at Jasper County Emergency Services District No. 1 Office

- 33625 US Hwy 96 South – Buna, Texas, Jasper County Courthouse 121 North Austin – Jasper, Texas, and the Jasper County ESD #1 Web site ( on, 10/13/23, 2023.





Billy Ted Smith


Jasper County ESD #1


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