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Jasper County Jr Livestock Show Kirbyville FFA winners

(Results list was updated 3/28/24)

Images are just now being released for the Kirbyville FFA winners at the Jasper County Livestock Show! All Kirbyville students made sale with their outstanding animals!

As additional photos are sent in, those will be added as well.

All photos are courtesy of Kirbyville AG teacher-Haylee Sommerfeld. Sommerfeld said, "YMBL wraps up Friday and then i'll do a summary of it too with a some pictures: so far we have 3 pigs that made sale and 1 steer."

Be sure to check back this weekend or early next week for the results and photos.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners!

Winners are listed in no particular order; Teagan Rogers, Luna Claro, Sarah Glenn and Bella Jacks, Barrett Burleson, Trystan Rosales, Keagan George, Jensen George, Payln George, Case Loper, Emma Loper, Camden Coody, Addisyn Fairchild, Carly Nichols

Jasper County Jr Livestock Show

Showmanship results:

Showmanship is about the person handling the animal,

presenting, and showing the animal to the best of a person’s

ability. It is about making sure the showman is always looking at

the judge. Showmanship is about how hard a person has worked,

prepared, and presents their animal to the judge. Showmanship is a

skill that requires practice, no matter how many years you’ve been


Senior Breeding heifer showmanship—Keagan George

Senior broiler showmanship—Keagan George

Jr Commercial heifer showmanship—Emma Loper

Jr Rabbit Showmanship—Camden Coody

Jr Swine Showmanship—Barrett Burleson

Show results

The results for Kirbyville FFA and Jr FFA for Jasper County Jr Livestock Foundation Show are as follows:

Keagan George—Grand Champion Breeding Heifer

Keagan George—Grand Champion Breeding bull

Keagan George—Reserve Champion Steer

Case Loper—Reserve Champion swine

Luna Claro—Reserve Champion rabbit

Karter Tomplait—3 rd overall steer

Addisyn Fairchild—3 rd overall Commercial Heifer

Barrett Burleson—3 rd overall swine

Keagan Geroge—3 rd overall Broiler

Addisyn Fairchild—4 th overall swine

Haley Curl—4 th overall rabbit

Ross Tomplait—5 th overall steer

Emma Loper 5 th overall commercial heifer

Emily Shierry—5 th overall rabbit

Ross Tomplait—5 th overall goat

Emily Shierry—5 th overall broiler

Jensen George—6 th overall broiler

Sarah Glenn—8 th overall steer

Harper Clark—8 th overall broiler

Rebekah Fussell—9 th overall steer

Sydney Chambers—10 th overall broiler

Bella Jacks—11 th overall steer

Bella Jacks—11 th overall Commercial Heifer

Jensen George-12th overall steer

Carly Nichols—12 th overall goat

Emma Loper 13 th overall swine

Haley curl—13 th overall broiler

Payln Geroge—14 th overall swine

Levi Cucancic—15 th overall steer

Camden Coody—15 th overall commercial heifer

Thomas Glenn—15 th overall swine

Barrett Burleson—15 th overall goat

Christa Chambers—16 th overall broiler

Teagan Rogers-17th overall commercial heifer

Trystan Rosales—18 th overall swine


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