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Jasper County Commissioners Court

The Jasper County Commissioners Court met on Monday, May 20th, 2024 and covered the following agenda items:

First, the Court recognized members of the Jasper County Historical Commission for receiving the 2023 Distinguished Service Award from the Texas Historical Commission. The Court noted that the local organization had received this recognition the past eight years in a row, and thanked the board members present for all that they do to preserve the history of Jasper County for future generations.

Next, the Court heard from Mr. Jim Hughes who advised that he and Mr. Troy Weaver were interested in constructing a new aircraft hangar at Jasper County’s Bell Field Airport. Mr. Hughes explained that they had picked an available spot and were waiting on the Federal Aviation Administration to provide input regarding its distance away from the runway flight path. After a brief discussion, the Court voted to authorize the construction of the new aircraft hangar and agreed to enter into a contract for lease of county property at the airport where the hangar will be built.

Next, the Court the voted to approve the amended contract for grant administration services between Jasper County and David J. Waxman, Inc. for the upcoming round of Texas General Land Office Community Development Block Grant funding in order to reflect the updated GLO contract number issued by GLO after Waxman, Inc. had been retained to administer the $13.254 million grant on behalf of Jasper County.

In other grant matters, the Court approved a $1,000.00 grant provided to District Attorney Anne Pickle’s Office to cover costs for a recent law enforcement training course that she sponsored for local law enforcement officers at Jasper County’s Emergency Operations Center. This grant was provided by the Jasper County Development District # 1 to assist with improving law enforcement operations in Jasper County.

Next, the Court then heard from Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Scott Duncan who provided the monthly Jail report, advising the Court that that the Sheriff’s Office had invoiced a total of $31,020.00 in the month of April, 2024 for housing inmates from Nacogdoches, Newton and Tyler Counties.

In other business, the Court voted to award a contract to the low bidder Cleveland Asphalt out of Shepherd, Texas for road and bridge paving oil.

Next, the Court authorized the purchase and delivery of a Bomag brand asphalt reclaiming machine, that Precinct 4 Commissioner Dennis Marks had purchased from the Purple Wave online auction website. The total for the Bomag machine and delivery from Ada, Oklahoma was $11,445.00.

Concluding road and bridge business, the Court voted to accept bids received and award a contract to Texas Materials, Inc. out of Jasper in the amount of $128,689.09 to upgrade approximately one mile of roadway on Pinehurst Drive in Commissioner Precinct 2.

Next, the Court discussed the disposition of emergency vehicles and equipment that were either surplus or being utilized by other entities in an effort to reduce insurance premiums and to allow for faster deployment by local Volunteer Fire Departments. The Court voted to transfer title of the grant-funded HazMat and SWAT van, which the Court noted had already been in the possession of the City of Jasper’s Volunteer Fire Department and Police Department for several years. Jasper City Mayor Anderson Land was present and advised that he appreciated the offer and advised that he would speak with the City Manager regarding the donation and change of title to the City of Jasper.

The Court also voted to transfer ownership of the command trailer, which was also obtained through grants in 2005, and the search and rescue boat, motor and boat trailer recently purchased through prisoner reimbursement funding to Emergency Services District # 4, noting that the boat, motor and boat trailer were already in the possession of the Beech Grove VFD. County Judge Mark Allen advised that he had spoken to ESD # 4 board member Chris Lanier, who had advised him that their board was open to accepting title for the equipment.

The Court noted that over the past decade or so, local volunteer fire departments in Jasper County have evolved greatly and with the help of local funding and grants provided by the ESD’s, their training and capabilities had grown and improved, allowing them to serve Jasper County and its citizens in many emergency response situations far beyond the old traditional ways.

The Court added that the equipment would be transferred to the City of Jasper and ESD # 4 under the condition that it will always be available under existing Mutual Aid agreements between Jasper County and its emergency response entities as countywide response resources.

In other emergency response business, the Court voted to renew Jasper County’s local declaration of disaster for another month due to the existing recovery efforts still underway from the past several weeks of major storms that affected Jasper County and the Southeast Texas region.

Concluding business, District Clerk Rosa Norsworthy presented her monthly civil and criminal fee reports and County Treasurer Rene’ Ellis presented her monthly financial report, both of which the Court approved.

That covers it for this session. Have a great week and as always, feel free to give me a call if you need anything my way.

Mark Allen, County Judge

Jasper County, Texas


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