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Jasper County Commissioners Court

The Jasper County Commissioners Court met on Monday, October 16th, 2023 in a Regular Session and covered the following agenda items:

First, the Court voted to renew Jasper County’s grant applications through the Texas Department of Transportation – Aviation Division for routine airport maintenance program grant funding for both the Bell Field Airport in Jasper and the Kirbyville Airport. The Court noted that this year, the grant funding would be $100,000.00 per airport with a ten percent match from Jasper County.

In other grant-related matters, the Court also voted to adopt a resolution to participate in the upcoming FY2024 Indigent Defense Grant Program, which provides partial reimbursement for funds expended by Jasper County for court-appointed attorney costs in the District and County Courts.

Concluding grant business, the Court voted to approve interlocal agreements between Jasper County and the cities of Jasper, Kirbyville, and Browndell for the submission of Jasper County’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan application.

In road and bridge matters, the Court voted to accept donations of any funding or materials from the Buna Water Control & Improvement District #1 that might be provided in conjunction with repair work on Commissioner Precinct 4 county roads that were damaged during the installation of water line infrastructure during a previous water system grant project.

Next, the Court received bids for aviation fuel from Sun Coast and Campbell Oil Company for Jasper County’s fuel depot operation at the Jasper County Bell Field Airport. After a brief discussion, the Court voted to table the selection of a winning bidder to allow additional time to review the details of each proposal more closely and authorized Precinct 1 Commissioner Seth Martindale and Precinct 2 Commissioner Kevin Holloway to review the bids and provide a report back to the Court for selection of a winning bidder.

In other business, County Judge Mark Allen presented the monthly District Clerk’s Civil & Criminal Fee Report on behalf of Rosa Norsworthy who was busy upstairs assisting with a civil trial docket in the District Court.

The Court then heard from County Treasurer Rene’ Ellis, who presented her monthly finance report, and Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Jason Hollyfield who presented the monthly Jail report advising that Jasper County had invoiced a total of $16,680.00 for housing inmates from Nacogdoches, Newton, Sabine, and Tyler Counties as well the City of Jasper in the month of September, 2023.

Next, the Court voted to approve a resolution in support of Jasper County’s 2nd Annual Veterans Stand Down Event which will be on Friday, October 20, 2023 at Jasper County’s Courthouse Annex Building, located in the City of Jasper. This event is free of charge and open to all Jasper County military veterans and their families, as well as for veterans from surrounding counties in the Southeast Texas and Deep East Texas regions.

Concluding business, the Court considered the upcoming expiration of Jasper County’s declaration of disaster and countywide burn ban. After a brief discussion, the Court voted to allow the ban to expire at midnight on Wednesday morning due to the increased humidity and cooler temperatures in the area. The Court noted that in the event that drought conditions worsened, or the wildfire threat increased, County Judge Mark Allen could issue a new declaration of disaster and countywide burn ban under the law.

That covers it for this Court meeting. Although the countywide burn ban will be expiring, we ask that everyone use extreme caution when starting fires for campsites or for home or farm maintenance. Monitor wind speeds and dry conditions around fires closely and do not leave a fire of any type unattended until it has been completely extinguished.

Have a great week and as always, feel free to call me if you need anything my way.

Mark Allen, County Judge

Jasper County, Texas


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