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Jasper County Chief Deputy Report

Scott Duncan, Chief Deputy

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

February 19, 2024

We have had a string of thefts in the south end of the county recently. We have identified some suspects and are working leads on others to solidify warrants on all the thieves. We want them to know we are coming, and we will not tolerate them stealing from people who work hard for what they have. There are plenty of places hiring. Get a job and buy your own things.

We conducted saturation patrol Friday night on the south end of the

county as a way to combat the thefts. Having a heavier presence in

areas that are of concern allows us to make more contacts and deter

further criminal behavior.

We cannot stress enough the benefits of having cameras around your

property. Also, keeping a log of your belongings with serial numbers,

descriptors, etc. can help investigators identify property when it is


We have 127 in the jail this morning. If you need us, call.


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