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Jasper County Chief Deputy Report

Scott Duncan, Chief Deputy

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

February 12, 2024

The crisis at our Texas border is developing daily. Although we are

further inland from the border, we are still in conversation with

other state and local officials regarding the climate and any potential impacts to our communities. Open borders are a present threat for drug and human trafficking, and as an agency we are committed to combating these issues.

All of our officers completed Patrol Rifle training last week at our

range on the south end of the county. We have a nice facility and

classroom for training, as well as several certified TCOLE instructors, which allows our agency to provide routine training to deputies without incurring some of the extra costs to travel outside

the county.

We had several items on the Commissioners Court agenda this morning.

Radio and towers are the topic of many conversations and projects that

are in full swing. The county is moving forward with land acquisition

and grant processes to build a new tower on the north end of the

county. We are grateful to have a proactive court that is moving the

county forward with digital technology. This will keep law enforcement

and first responders safe as well as provide a more uniform approach

to communications across agencies.

The Commissioner’s Court further approved doing away with a

secretarial position and adding an additional deputy position to our

roster. Deputy Cherry has been with our agency for over two years and

is better utilized in this role with her experience and education. Her

dedication to serving the county is greatly appreciated.

We have 124 in our jail this morning. If you need us, give us a call.


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