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Jasper County Chief Deputy Report

Scott Duncan, Chief Deputy

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

March 4, 2024

We have received several calls regarding animals, specifically dogs, this past week. Although the county does not have animal ordinances, it is an owner’s responsibility to keep their dog from damaging other’s property, including other animals. If you are going to have animals, please see that they are taken proper care of. If not, then we will take appropriate action.

The wire theft calls have increased, and we are working with area

recycling yards to identify the thieves and charge them accordingly.

It is truly a team effort when it comes to preventing these thefts and

holding those responsible accountable.

We some juveniles run from deputies on ATVs in the south end of the

county this weekend. I believe their parents handed down proper

punishments, and hopefully, they’ll make better decisions in the


Fire conditions are still dangerous at this time. Please use caution

when burning and do not leave any fires unattended.

We have 129 in the jail this morning. If you need us, call.


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