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Jasper County Chief Deputy Report

By Chief Deputy Scott Duncan, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

Youth weekend proved to be fruitful for several youngsters in Jasper County. However, we did receive multiple calls regarding the discharge of firearms, some of which were not hunting-related. A continued reminder for everyone to use caution and safety when shooting.

The cooler weather and a little rain were nice this week. Hopefully, this will become the trend for the

holiday months.

We continue to receive calls about scam callers posing as Jasper County deputies. Please do not respond to these calls, and do not send any money. We are not debt collectors. Deputies will not contact anyone to collect money. If you receive a call, please call our dispatch center, and report it.

Several arrests were made this past week for possession of methamphetamine and cocaine. Small fish lead to big fish and we are working diligently on narcotics seizure throughout the county.

We have 139 in jail this morning. If you need us, call us!


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