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Jasper Co. Chief Deputy Report

Jasper County Chief Deputy Scott Duncan

February 5, 2024

We received a call from Newton County regarding a possible disturbance occurring between a couple in a vehicle. While trying to locate the vehicle, we received an open 911 call where two people could be heard arguing. Once we located the vehicle and individuals, they denied having any argument. It appeared they had kissed and made up, seeming to be Valentine’s love birds again.

We had multiple burglaries on the South end of the county last

week, all with the same modus operandi or pattern of breaking

in. Our investigators are working on a possible lead into suspects at this time. As always, we encourage everyone to document their belongings and put up cameras if you can.

Deputies responded to a residence just outside the city limits

of Jasper over the weekend after shots were fired at their home.

Two bullet holes were found in the home, but thankfully no one

was hurt. The residence is off Highway 96, and we are asking the

public for any information regarding this incident.

Our hearts are aching for the Smith family as they grieve the loss of Kaleb Smith. The days ahead will be tough, but we as community members and loved ones will surround them with support and prayer.

We have 115 in our jail this morning. If you need us, give us a


Scott Duncan, Chief Deputy

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office


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