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Jasper and Newton County Officials are asking everyone to register damages with the State

Jasper County Judge Mark Allen said today that the county is still waiting to see if we qualify for state or federal assistance following this week's devastating floods.

According to Allen, "We are still standing by waiting to see if the Governor's Office issues a declaration. That's the next step. I understand that Newton County issued their own declaration yesterday, so that might help."

Part of that determination requires anyone who has acquired any damages from this event to report it, not only on their insurance, but also to the state. "We are trying to get anybody with damage resulting from this flood event to use this link to report it." This is imperative to the process.

A link that was sent out for individuals yesterday to report damages is set to Spanish as the default language, and has confused some people. If you are trying to register there, simply click the link at the top of the page and a drop down menu will allow you to click English.

Or you can use the form below and register there. It doesn't matter how you register, just please do. Our area depends on it.


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