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It's a Bulldog Showdown! Barbay vs Spadaccini!

This Saturday, April 27th, Jasper Bulldog, Sophomore and Outside Linebacker Camden Spadaccini goes toe-to-toe, or shall we say belly-to-belly with Bulldog Coach Brady Barbay!

That's right it's a showdown, and ETB will be there live streaming every second of it! So come and join family and friends to cheer on your favorite Bulldog!

The pair will have 45 minutes to eat the Cafe 257's famous 4 pound burger and cheese fries! The winner gets bragging rights of course, but they will also earn a T-shirt telling the world that they are the top-dog in town and a photo showing the triumphant win to go on the wall!

Cafe 257 is located at 488 Co Rd 257 Unit 2, in Jasper.


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