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Is "Kirbyville being 'buzzed' by yellow airplanes"?

Some Kirbyville locals have been concerned due to multiple yellow airplanes that have been seen dropping a substance over the area.

ETB did some investigating and has concluded that absolutely nothing nefarious is happening.

Jasper County Commissioner Willie Stark said Monday, "The planes are spreading granulated fertilizer on the pine trees. The company out of Arkansas has a contract with the local timber companies. They sprayed on Thursday and Friday of last week too. I'm not sure how long it will be going on, but that's all that's happening."

Stark said that the trees aren't owned by the Forestry, but are being grown by timber companies in the area. It seems to some that the planes are "Buzzing homes" because the pilots spread the fertilizer over the trees, then turn around over some areas of town, and go back to the airport's Ag. Pad and load back up for another pass.

So now you know.

Photos courtesy of ETB Sharpshooter Nikisha Traylor


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