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Inter-local Cooperation Agreement for Jail Services in Beauregard Parish:

On December 5, 2023, Sheriff Burby submitted a proposed Inter-local agreement to be entered into between Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office and Newton County to house our overflow of jail inmates before a Newton County Commissioner’s Court Special Session.   This Inter-local agreement was approved and signed and was sent to Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office for their approval and signature.  Once the paperwork is complete, we will make the arrangements to transport inmates to relieve the overcapacity in Newton Jail.

On November 28, 2023, Texas Jail Commission conducted a scheduled on-site inspection at the Newton County Jail.  On the date of the inspection, we had 20 inmates on site, and 8 inmates housed in Jasper County Jail.  The Jail Commission’s final inspection report documented that we are 6 inmates over our capacity and must make the necessary arrangements to reduce the total number not to exceed 14 in the Newton Jail.  As Sheriff, it is my responsibility to ensure that criminals are locked up, and do not continue to commit crimes against our citizens.  Over the years we have worked diligently to manage the jail population daily.  Jail overcrowding is a major issue throughout the State of Texas, and we find that jail space is limited.

For the record, the inmates that are in our custody are serious offenders and are classified as medium or maximum security and are by no means low level offenders.  Their charges and bond amounts and various holds keep them from being able to make bond.

This Interlocal agreement will relieve the immediate issue but is not the overall remedy.  The cost to house our inmates in Beauregard Parish will be in the amount of $60.00 per day per inmate, plus medical costs.  Starting January 1st, 2024, we will pay $45.00 per day per inmate to Jasper County.   Jasper County has assisted us in many different facets over the years, and especially regarding our jail management program.  We always contact Jasper County as our first option to take our overflow, but they are experiencing the same problem with limited space.

Bottomline, we need a jail!  We do not have adequate room to house our inmates, and the costs to continue repairing equipment and structural items in our current facility are on the rise.  We have had to, on many occasions, replace an entire system because parts for items are no longer being manufactured.  We are exploring options to correct and rectify this problem.  We ask for your consideration and support in this effort.


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