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Important public meeting regarding ESD 3 voters

ESD 3 is having a meeting on Tuesday, December 5th at 2pm in JP 3 courtroom at the annex in Kirbyville.

They are discussing a possible sales and use tax for ESD 3. It has to be approved by the voters and can be as soon as May 24.

If passed, the monies generated can be used for EMS.

The Jasper County Emergency Services District No. 3 or (ESD 3) is meeting to discuss the possibility of the imposition of a sales tax in the ESD 3 area that would raise sales tax by up to 2%. If passed, it would establish a sales tax of up to 8.25% in the area of ESD 3 which is the same amount already being levied within the City of Jasper and ESD 4 for the services they are receiving including additional ambulance services.

When asked if this could increase the number of ambulances available in our area, Beech Grove Fire Chief James Gunter said, "Not necessarily. If passed, it will create additional revenue. The Board would then decide on what the additional revenue can be used for."

Gunter went on to say, "They could use it for EMS. But too premature to know exactly how much additional revenue it will be. So yes it could , assuming it's enough to do so."

If passed, these funds will directly benefit ALL of the volunteer fire departments in ESD 3 and the citizens they serve.

The public is encouraged to attend as this affects all of us.


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