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"How Bees Work Together" - Summer Reading Program

Tuesday, the Newton County Public Library System sponsored the third event in the summer reading program, “How Bees Work Together” presented by Terry McFall, area beekeeper. The bee program was attended by 35 children and 20 adults.

McFall explained the life cycle of the honeybee; how bees reproduce, collect pollen and help the flora flourish. McFall took questions from several interested children on how bees work together as they pollinate flowers and make honey to help the hive thrive.

McFall asked for a bee suit model with Austyn Medley at the ready to step into the protective bee gear of jumpsuit, gloves and head covering along with holding the smoke press. After the protective gear demonstration, the children gathered for a honey tasting from McFall’s honey production. Both children and adults enjoyed this very fun and informative program, thanks to the diligent and creative staff of Newton County Public Library System.


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