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House fire on N. 96 of Kirbyville destroyed one home and two travel trailers

Just before 11 this morning, Kirbyville, Trout Creek, and Roganville Volunteer Fire Departments were called out to a house fire at 14563 on North Hwy 96.

Kirbyville Fire Chief Greg Ellis said that Jasper Newton Electric Coop employees happened to be driving by and saw flames. They stopped at the home, disconnected the power, and called 911.

Upon arrival, the home and two travel trailers which were plugged into it were actively ablaze. A third travel trailer was spared with only minor damage.

Ellis said that the home was vacant at the time, but apparently, someone was moving in at the time of the fire.

Ellis noted that with cold weather approaching, he would like to encourage people to check heaters, fireplaces, and flue pipes and make sure there are no leaves, bird nests, or anything like that hidden inside. "Make sure all your heaters have clean-burning flames. Check all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Prevention is key.


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