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Group providing much needed supplies to families flooded in and stranded for 2 1/2 weeks

This morning we partnered with Angelina River Fire And Rescue utilizing Beach Grove Volunteer Fire Department's Marine 11 to deliver some much needed and appreciated supplies to a small group of families living on CR 022.

Most are stranded as it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks since they’ve been able to drive out due to the floodwaters of the Neches River. Several residents commented this morning that they’ve never seen the water as high as it is now. However, it appears to have crested and is very slowly falling. The current and continued flow of water down the Neches River is unbelievable.

Although several have boats, only one family has a car outside of the flooded road that they can boat to.

This afternoon we’ll be making a second supply run to them.

We’re just providing the method of transportation…..the supplies are donated by The Salvation Army of Jasper, Harvest Church, Light of Hope, and Pam and David Ashcraft.

They are doing God’s work and we are all very appreciative of what they do for our communities.


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