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Group is back at work building beds for local kids thanks to generous donors

On May 17th we told our readers about a Woodville non-profit organization that sadly had been robbed. 'Sleep in Heavenly Peace' builds beds for children in need, free of charge. According to reports, more than $4,000 in tools, supplies, and bedding were taken from the organization. It nearly brought production to a screeching halt.

In a press release, organizers announced , "SHP friends, we have been robbed! Everyone please be on the lookout for batteries and chargers with tags plus some Hartz batteries & chargers. We lost these plus extension cords, many feet of romex wire, at least one cordless Craftsman sander plus other items. They even cut the cords on our drill presses! Our preliminary estimate, so far, is roughly $4,500 worth of our 501(C)(3) nonprofit inventory stolen. Yes, we have insurance. Please be on the lookout for items like these in pawn shops, Marketplace, construction sites, etc".

It wasn't long before the community pulled together and donated hundreds of dollars worth of tools and bedding to try to get the group back to doing what they do so well, blessing children and their families.

Now that the organization is back full force, they have announced that they are building their 1,000th bed, this Saturday, June 8th. In a Facebook post a spokesperson said, "We are whole! We have replaced all our stolen tools and are ready to build". They are currently registering people to be part of this milestone event.

If you would like to be part of the team, simply go to their Facebook page 'Sleep in Heavenly Peace' and register.


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