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Football Season Comes to an End!

It’s been a crazy football season here is Southeast Texas! Kirbyville slated as the underdog won their first district title in 8 years. Newton was predicted to play in the state championship, but was cut short by Dangerfield in the quarterfinals. Jasper had a deep run also making to the quarterfinals but lost to a sleeper Bellville team. Now the only team in the 409 is PNG Indians, where they face-off in a rematch against the South Oakcliff Bears. The Bear bested the Indians last year, but the Indians have been waiting for this all season at shot for redemption. Needless to say it’s been a wild ride with up and downs, and underdogs on top. Today in Dallas is the 3A State Championship games, Franklin vs. Malakoff for Division I and Gunter vs. Tidehaven for Division II. These should be good games to watch and can be found on NHFS or Texans Live. The Indians play Saturday at 11 am and can be also found on those channels. Now looking forward to next year for the Kirbyville Wildcats, it will be a season for re-tooling and allowing the underclassmen to prove themselves on the field. Wildcats will be loosing 9 Seniors, but even with powerhouses like Orangefield and Anahauc the Wildcats have the ability to take district again. Winning district all comes down to who wants it the most and trying to stay healthy for the duration of the season. The future is looking bright in The Ville, good luck on the successfully 2023 season and we are looking forward to next year. Tonight the Wildcats will hold their annual Football Players banquet honoring players and their accomplishments on the and off the field. It’s a Great Day to be a Wildcat!


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