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Fire Ban is over in Jasper County and KVFD has already had a wildfire to contend with

The extended fire ban expired at midnight last night, so today many Jasper County citizens were out burning leaves and brush accumulated over the past several months.

Unfortunately, at least one controlled burn quickly grew out of control.

At 2:24 pm Wednesday afternoon, Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Department received a call to go to 226 County Road 624 where a large brush fire was endangering neighboring property as well as some livestock.

The homeowner, who asked to remain anonymous said, "My husband was out burning some dead logs. Before long he came back inside and told me that he needed help." The homeowner said that the fire was doing well for a while, but the wind hit just right and blew it out of control.

Assistant Chief Kennon Ellis said, "When you're out burning, just be cautious and always keep a water hose or source of water nearby when burning."


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