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Fiery Kirbyville accident resulted from medical issues

Photos courtesy of Judy Miller, Honey Worthy and Bryan Kirbow

September 6, 2023

By Sandi Saulsbury

According to witnesses, the driver of a Black Dodge Charger was traveling northbound on Hwy 96, when he inexplicably turned around at the red light at Hwy 363, drove back into town where he attempted to turn around again, and hit another vehicle head-on in front of the Duck Pond.

Kirbyville Police Officer Ashley Arce said that at some point after impact, the Charger burst into flames. Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Department was called out to the scene at 9:45 a.m.

Kirbyville resident, Sierra Simmons said that she was working at the smoke shop and ran to the accident and helped the man out of his car.

Arce said that the man was walking down the street when she got to him. The man whose name has not yet been released was taken to Jasper Memorial Hospital and is undergoing toxicology. It was noted that he apparently suffered a medical emergency which caused him severe confusion.

The driver of the second vehicle was on his way to work in his company truck when the Charger hit him head-on.

The driver of the truck was flown to a hospital in Kingwood for treatment of his injuries.

ETB will update our readers once more information has been released.


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