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ETB Sharpshooters sent in their snow/wintery mix pictures and locations throughout our area!

It may not seem like much, but on the rare occasion when it snows in Southeast Texas, people get excited!

So, we asked our readers to send in their photos, videos, and locations of their snow and boy did they ever! Now obviously, many of the images show sleet and not snow, but we chose to share those just as well! We do not discriminate! If it makes our readers happy, it makes us happy!

Kamm Walker sent a photo from Jasper on FM 252.

Mataya Ren'e also sent photos from Jasper.

Traci Jones from Bleakwood is also getting snow

BJ Hall said she was getting snow in Newton County in Old Salem.

April McIntyre sent photos of her family playing in the snow in Roganville.

Harley McHenry sent photos of her kiddos playing in the snow in Deweyville.

Kimmie Balthazar sent photos from Jasper.

Savannah Cutter sent photos of her wintery wonderland in North Jasper.

JoAnn Klemm also sent her Jasper photos.

Miranda Fulbright sent a video of snow in Evadale.

Patrick Motors in Kirbyville sent us the following photo, but we think they might have stretched the truth just a bit!

Dakota Baker of Jasper sent us a photo of a precious little one playing in the snow.

Tiffany Schexnaider also sent images in Jasper.

Cristy Gilley, Sharon Cowan, Michelle Scott, Dina Whitney Hippler, LaWanda Thompson, Naomi Woods, Ellen Appleby-Murphey, Sheila Campbell, Logan Whitehead, Christa Williams and Dori Freeman also shared images from the area of the wintery mix! And finally, Kandi Keel sent us a video of snow falling in her yard today.


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