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ETB Sharpshooters have sent us tons of eclipse photos to share! Some were absolutely breathtaking!

The eclipse has come and gone and unfortunately many areas were far to overcast to see more than just darkening. However, there are some local people who were fortunate enough to have clear sky's at just the right time!

Our ETB Sharpshooters have sent us lots of photos from all over Southeast Texas, as well as some from as far off as Mexia Texas, Rosharon Texas, Elm Mott Texas which is near Waco and all the way from Aurora, Colorado and Tucson, Arizona.

There is also a Kirbyville family who booked a trip two years ago to Clarksville, Texas. I didn't know we had many comedians here in our little town, but Debbie and her son Seth Durham definitely are! They met up with a professional photographer from Dallas named Stephen. She didn't quite get his last name but he can be found on Instagram as Stadpro.

She sent us a photo of their little group and their "Eclipse Survival Kit" (extraterrestrial snacks including Moon Pies) as well as a stunning photo of the eclipse! Debbie is also the first to send a video that not only showcased the eclipse, but also Venus!!

Below are photos shared by our Sharpshooters, George Simmonds, Sherry Henson, Melissa Justice, Mindy Ellis, Jeana Arnold, Chris Rogers Jones, Tina Crichfield, Billy Kettler, Kelly Phillips Wallace, Daniel Quinn, Shelena Mitchell Kelley, Asher Bierthalter Wales, Haleigh Moore, Debbie Durham, Elizabeth Riza, Phyllis Glenn Martin, Brandi Hill, and Blade Burnette in no particular order.


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