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Downed trees can easily mean downed power lines

With the extreme weather conditions we are experiencing here in Southeast Texas, we are seeing more and more large trees that have fallen due to ground saturation and lightning. This one, located on West Lavielle Street in Kirbyville is believed to have occurred from a lightening strike.

Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Chief Greg Ellis said, "We've been lucky. So far we haven't flooded like we did a couple weeks ago and hopefully we will dodge that! I know we still have heavy rain tonight so let's be careful driving. It's easy to hydroplane. Also, if we have downed trees there maybe downed power lines. Please be aware of those because they could still be hot! We always treat downed lines like they are hot until we know for sure they are not. Be safe out there and if you need us call us."

Photos courtesy of ETB Sharpshooter Nikesha Traylor


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