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Don't be a victim of criminal opportunity

Kirbyville Police Captain Josh Hancock said Friday, that we are moving into the biggest theft time of the year. "January thru March is absolutely the worst time of the year for theft. People get all these nice Christmas gifts and just leave many of them in the yard and they get stolen. Plus tax time is coming up and people go out and buy nice things with their returns, but then they let everyone know about it and they get robbed. I don't think people realize they are allowing the opportunity for theft. Just because you haven't had anything stolen, doesn't mean it won't happen."

Hancock said that even if you keep items in the house, but post them on social media, you could be asking for trouble. Criminals of opportunity are always scoping people out. 

According to Hancock, there are a good many thieves in the area. He said that most are non-violent and won't break into your house, but some will.

It's always better to be safe than sorry.


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