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Cougar Girls take Huntington Invitational

Yea Coogs!!! For the second year in a row Buna Cougar Girls take the Huntington Invitational. The theme of the day was you get a PR, no you get a PR, no you get a PR, all our runners did a great job.

Our boys finished 4th in a tough group with 2 boys getting into the 19's and 1 running in the 18's as well as 3 boys right on their heels about to hit the teens for their 3 mile times.

We also had our JH Boy win the whole meet with a new school record 8:49 in the 1 1/2 miles. Our JH girl also became the first JH girl to medal in a race along with hitting a PR. Great job to all our runners as they got 1% better today, the early morning the 6 am crew is paying off.

Girls Varsity Medalist (TOP 15)

Brynn Branch 3rd

Kinsey Fea 4th

Alexis Marshall 5th

Stephanie Markle 9th

Kamri McGallion 11th

Boys Varsity Medalist (TOP 15)

Jeremy Griffis 8th

JH Girls (TOP 15)

Reagan Dishman 5th


Hunter Hart 1st Place Race Champion

  • Buna ISD


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