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Cotton Robinson Classic

This past weekend the Jasper County basketball season was in full swing. Evadale hosted a High School Girls tournament and Buna hosted the Cotton Robinson Classic. I was able to catch the end of the Cotton Robinson Classic and let me say those were some good games. So it was broken down into to Pools:


Buna Corrigan Camden

Coldsprings Lufkin Piney Woods

Liberty Shepard

Woodville Kirbyville

Bob Hope Buna JV

Corrigan Camden took first in the Pool B with Kirbyville taking second, while Woodville took first in Pool A with Coldsprings in second. Bracket play started Saturday with Buna beating Shepard and Liberty beating Lufkin in the Silver Bracket. Next was Woodville who beat Kirbyville and Coldsprings knocking off Corrigan Camden in the Gold Bracket. This setup up two very big games. Woodville versus Coldsprings and Buna versus Liberty for the titles. Buna fought to the very end but ended up losing by 1 point in the final seconds taking second in the Silver bracket. Coldsprings and Woodville faced off with the game going back and forth but Coldsprings used their size to out rebound and dominate the lane. Coldsprings took the win in the Gold bracket with Woodville coming in with second.


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