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Company donated funds for new benches for city park-local businesses installing them today

The Kirbyville Area Chamber of Commerce recently received a donation from Venture Global LNG.

Donations were used to build beautiful new benches for the Bevis Skinner Park in town which are being installed today.

Kirbyville 4-H put a lot of time and effort into putting the benches together so they could be installed.

Triangle Blue Print in Beaumont made signs for the project. Local businesses owners, Cody Walters of Lone Star Foundations, and Shane Loper, owner of Fat Duck Enterprises are working hard installing the benches and signs.

Last year Jacinto Sanchez replaced the fencing around the pavilion for Chamber. That project was also a part of the funds from Venture Global LNG.

Venture Global made three donations to the chamber projects for a total of $10,000.

Photos courtesy of Chamber Treasurer Patti Greer


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