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Cigarette embers catch garbage can on fire

September 25, 2023

Just after 3 p.m. Monday, Mitchell Cook of Kirbyville was cleaning up around his house. Cook said, "I had emptied all the ashtrays into the garbage can and then walked outside. That's when the smoke alarms went off and I realized that the garbage can was on fire". Kind of half-joking, Cook continued, "I put the cats out the front door and the dogs out the back door and went outside and called Mom. She kept saying to get the garbage can and put it outside and I tried several times but the fumes kept choking me. Finally, I was able to get it outside and

the fire department showed up and put the fire out."

Cook said that there wasn't any real damage to the home, just a little smoke. Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Department set their fans in the doorways and pulled the worst of the smoke and odor outside the home.


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