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Church turned shelter accused of not having enough cots for flood victims to sleep on

Kirbyville First Assembly of God has opened their doors to the community and blessed those who have lost everything with a warm and dry place to stay, cots for everyone, (some have air mattresses too), wonderful food to eat, and snacks to eat throughout the day. But somehow it has been rumored that there are people, including the elderly who are sleeping on the floors.

The controversy began Tuesday when a Facebook post suggested that elderly people among others are having to sleep on the floors. While it isn't believed that the person making the post meant to cause any harm, the group wanted to make sure the public knows exactly what is going on there.

Shelter Manager and church secretary, Tina Miller said, "I have been onsite from the beginning and no one is sleeping on the floor. The Red Cross is furnishing cots and blankets for everyone and they still have plenty extra to share."

ETB has had a reporter in the church this week and as far as we can see, there is nothing out of order. Church leaders, Red Cross, Salvation Army workers, as well as community volunteers are working hand in hand around the clock to meet the needs of those stricken by the floods.

It appears that this church and these organizations have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assure that every person housed there has their basic needs met. People are sleeping in the church including the sanctuary on a nightly basis and every single one of them has a cot, pillows and blankets and many of them have air mattresses as well.

Yes, donations are still needed. Things such as toilet paper, food, and other necessities, have to be replenished on a daily basis. The church has a clothing closet and has opened the doors to the flood victims who have gone through and gotten a lot of things for themselves and their families. However there is always someone new coming in. The flood is ever-expanding from the overflow of the dams and there are some people from the Louisiana area who are coming into the shelter as well.

So, with all of that said, we can hopefully put the rumors behind us and move forward and work together to bless the people who are in such great need right now.

In a traumatic situation such as last week's floods there is always a chance of a misunderstanding. Hopefully, the situation has been 'nipped in the bud' before any damage could be done.

Miller added, "As a church that loves our community and is volunteering night and day, we would never allow this to happen. But we do appreciate everyone’s concern."


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