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Chiefs Report

By Jasper County Chief Deputy Scott Duncan

Deer season is approaching, and several people will be sighting in their firearms to prepare. Please

make sure you have good backstops and be aware of where your bullets are going. Also, as you are traveling out to your leases, please do not leave valuable belongings at the camps. Make sure you have cameras monitoring your camps and lock them up. We usually see an uptick of thefts around this time in

the hunting clubs, so let’s be diligent in protecting our things.

We had a service dog go missing in Kirbyville earlier in the week, a white husky named Myah. The owner feels she may have been stolen. If you have seen Myah, please contact us so we can return her to her owner.

The area of Hwy 96 and FM 1004 in Kirbyville was a hot spot this past week. 8.2 grams of methamphetamines was seized on a traffic stop and a stolen vehicle was recovered on another stop in the area. Both individuals landed a stay in our correctional facility and are facing felony charges.

We had a large burglary at a residence off County Road 822 in the Gist area later in the week. A large number of firearms were taken from the residence along with other items. We have recovered some of

the property and are working leads on possible suspects.

We have 128 in the jail this morning. If you need us, call us!


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