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Chief’s Report

October 24, 2023

The burn ban was lifted for a short time, but after multiple fires got out of control, Judge Allen reinstated the ban. We are asking people to please be responsible and refrain from burning until we can get sufficient rain. It won’t be long, and we will be praying for drier weather, hang in there.

A large fight at The Stump Restaurant was broken up by three overnight stays in the Jasper County Jail. Two males and a female were kicked out of the bar and grill in Brookeland on Saturday night after a

physical fight broke out between them. When deputies arrived, one of the suspects was lying on the ground and two were standing by the roadway. There were no reported injuries, however, the three were in no condition to drive or walk. Hopefully, the three have sobered up and become friends again.

Hunting season is underway, and photos of bow trophies are lining social media. I always love to see the younger generation being taught to harvest game and enjoy the sport. The sound of gunshots is

becoming more regular as rifle season approaches. Remember, you are responsible for every bullet that leaves your weapon. Make sure you are aware of what is beyond your target. Let’s have a safe and enjoyable season, and good luck to all!

We have 142 in the jail this morning.

If you need us, call us!

Chief Deputy Scott Duncan, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office


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