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Chief’s Report

By Jasper County Chief Deputy Scott Duncan

It has been a busy start to the month of September in Jasper County. Over 65 fire calls since the start of September have all emergency response teams working around the clock. We are thankful for the little

rain we have seen, and especially the cooler temperatures this morning.

We have assisted several agencies in investigations and fugitive apprehension within the last week. We were able to serve three felony warrants with DPS, we recovered a stolen trailer out of Houston County and assisted the Hardin Co Sheriff’s Office in the identification of suspects in an aggravated robbery they are working. They say teamwork makes the dream work and we are putting that policy to good use.

Our deputies have been working hard making contacts and surveilling the county for criminal activity. In the last week, we have made four felony arrests for illegal narcotics on traffic interactions.

Saturday, a gentleman landed a stay in our correctional facility after intentionally burning his trash after being issued a citation for burning during a burn ban on September 5, 2023. It is obvious that we are in a dangerous drought and people are losing property to fire every day. Have some respect for the safety and well-being of those around you. Be a good neighbor and do not burn.

Our CrimeStoppers partnership is proving to be fruitful with tips providing necessary information to effect arrests in our county. We appreciate the cooperation from our citizens and the anonymity is an

added protection for them to come forward.

Fall is right around the corner, and the Holiday months are quickly approaching. If you need us, call us!


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