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Updated: Car rear ended John Deere Tractor in unusual chain of event's

Updated information: Just after 10:15 Saturday night, the Department of Public Safety, Jasper County Sheriff's Department, and Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department were called out to the intersection of FM 1013 West and FM 1005 in Mount Union for an accident between a John Deere Tractor and a silver 2018 Nissan Sentra.

The Texas Department of Public Safety Media Sergeant Shana Clark said that the driver of the Sentra, 63-year-old Calvin Clifford of Warren was traveling west, and failed to control its speed and struck a farm tractor in the rear. He was not injured.


The driver of the Farm Tractor, identified as 88-year-old Billy Smith of Kirbyville, was also not injured.

Our person on the scene said that the occupants in the car appeared to be uninjured aside from one person with a seatbelt laceration on the stomach. Someone in a truck picked them up and they left the scene.

Smith said that he was driving on Hwy 1013 to get back to his barn. He said that the car came up from behind and slammed into the back of his tractor.

Tri-Community VFD blocked off both roads while responding units worked with those in the accident.

Xxon Towing moved the car from the location.

Photos and videos courtesy of ETB Sharpshooter Rita Shipp


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