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Buna's Showcase Central was absolutely amazing!

The Buna Central Baptist Church 2024 Showcase Central was a huge success! Special friends from all over the area came to the show last night to showcase their talents to the cheers and excitement of the spectators!

It was a tight contest in both the art and talent competitions, but in the end, EVERYONE won!

There were eight artist competing;

Crystal Saunders-Photography Canvas

Bobby Turner-Painting

Charlei Olivier-Painting

Joseph Beard-Painting

Tyshone Favors-Painting

Addison Campbell-Painting Self Portrait

Amber Gutierrez-Framed Puzzle

Rhylan Johnson-TBD

And seven talent contestants competing;

Tyshone Favors-Singing "This is Our Song"

Charlai Olivier-Singing "My Jesus" On her guitar (Charlai unfortunately couldn't make it, but her mom sent a video for us all to enjoy!)

Myles Richard-Squat 425 lbs!!!

Ryeland Campbell-Storytelling in braille

Joseph Beard-Dance to 'Light Shine Bright"

Amber Gutierrez-"I will Always Love You"

Michael Callier-"River" by Garth Brooks

After all was said and done, the VIP's of the evening received awards for their talent and were asked to sign autographs! All in all it was a night to remember!


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