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Bulldogs Comeback Against Wildcats!

Kirbyville Wildcats faced off against the Jasper Bulldogs tonight in the Wildcat’s Den! This game was a low scoring defensive battle that did not disappoint. Senior Brent Garner set the tone for the night with a steal and dunk. This helped give the Wildcats the momentum they needed to face off against a fast paced Bulldog squad. The Wildcats went up at the start of the 1st Qtr. but the Bulldogs battled it keeping the game close. Wildcats held a 4-point lead coming out of the 1st Qtr 11-7. These team continued to play great defense with multiple steals on the night. K. Armstrong responded with his own dunk proving to the Wildcats that the Bulldogs were ready to battle it out. Wildcats were leading going into the half 21-13 hoping to keep the momentum in their favor. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs controlled the offensive scoring in the second half. The Bulldogs held the Wildcats to only 13 points in the second half, while the Bulldogs were able to put up 27. The Wildcats lost one of their key players, Senior W. Burchett who fouled out in the 3rd Qtr. W. Burchett and B.Garner both were the points leaders for the Wildcats tonight. E. Dupre and J. Parks helped lead the Bulldogs, in scoring, to a 40-33 victory over the Wildcats. This was one of those friendly rivalry games where both teams left it on the court. Congatulations to the Bulldogs on the W! Wildcats keep pushing and getting better than the day before.   


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