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Beryl left a stream of devastation in Jasper County

Beryl has left the Great State of Texas, but she didn't go down without making her presence known.

Many people are asking about damages. A lot of residents are going out and seeing the damages on their own. This is very dangerous. Downed power lines can kill and it would be far too easy to get caught in one.

It's after the storms that people want to get out and see the damages. Human nature. But until it's safe, first responders are asking everyone to stay home unless otherwise instructed.

Because of this, we are gathering photos and videos from first responders and citizens in the area who are dealing with the damage first hand. Again, please don't venture out. It's just not worth the risk.

The images and videos are of damage from Hurricane Beryl today. Most are in Jasper County.

We will be updating as more photos become available

Below:Videos by Roy Marshall

Below: ETB Photojournalist Rita Shipp

Various ETB Sharpshooters and first responders provided the following images. City of Jasper, Beach Grove Volunteer Fire Department, Christa Collier, Jason Vesey, Michelle Arnold, Kamm Walker, Brook Murray, Roy Marshall


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