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Beech Grove VFD recently accepted into the Sabine-Neches Chiefs Association

Beech Grove Volunteer Fire Department has recently been accepted into the Sabine-Neches Chiefs Association.

This honor comes with a rich history.

The Sabine-Neches Chiefs’ Association vision statement says that the group strives to be the premier mutual aid organization serving the South East Texas community through innovative achievement of the highest level of awareness through preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery actions.

The Sabine Neches Chiefs Association or SNCA, was created on February 9, 1949. In its formation, it began as a group of representatives from local fire departments and industry who met for the purpose of organizing a mutual aid organization. At the first meeting, the Sabine Neches Chiefs Association was formed. One of the largest obstacles facing this group was developing a plan that would not only meet the needs of the community but would also satisfy the interests of all parties involved. A mutual aid plan was unanimously endorsed as a direct result of this commitment and willingness on the part of each of the 100-plus members that made up the Sabine Neches Chiefs Association. The emergency assistance plan formed 50 years ago is continually updated to meet the changing times and the Association maintains a constant state of preparedness.

This mutual aid group provides the very best for our area's families and businesses serving the Jefferson, Orange, and Hardin Counties areas.

In recent years Jasper County made the shift from DETCOG and moved to the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission. This change allowed Jasper County public safety entities and industry to join the SNCA.

BGVFD Chief James Gunter said, "We are incredibly grateful to the membership of the SNCA for allowing BGVFD to join this historic organization! Thank you!"

All of us at the East Texas Banner congratulate you!


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