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Beech Grove VFD IS currently on Dam B after receiving a report of overturned boat

Beech Grove Fire Chief James Gunter said that his crew is on scene of an overturned flat bottom aluminum boat found capsized. Gunter said no one is onboard, but they have towed it to shore to try to identify the owner and figure out what may have happened.

Gunter released the following information:

At 3:39pm BGVFD was dispatched to BA Steinhagen Reservoir, also known as Dam B, to search for a boat that was reported as overturned and last seen in the Neches River north of the US Highway bridge.

Marine 11 was launched from the Tidelands boat ramp at Martin Dies, Jr. State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife. The search began from there and within approximately 20 minutes the overturned boat was located approximately 1/2 mile south of the US Highway 190 bridge.

There were no indications the boat had been occupied and no stranded boaters were located in the immediate area.

We towed the boat from where it was found to the Campers Cove boat ramp on the Tyler County side of the lake.

While the boat was being towed, Mike Lout, owner of KJAS Radio utilized his personal airplane to search the entire area for stranded boaters. None were found.

The Jasper County Emergency Corps had also deployed and were standing by at the scene for further search if deemed necessary.

Once the boat reached land, we were able to turn it over and obtain the TX registration number. This was reported to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Game Wardens Justin Eddins. They are investigating further at this time.

There are no indications at this point that this is anything more than a boat that was dry docked on the Neches River and simply washed away in the flood waters. However, nothing is confirmed at this time until the owner of the boat is found.

Investigation continues, and we are poised and ready if an additional search is warranted.

BGVFD responded with Marine 11 and 10 firefighters. Additionally BGVFD Todd C. Stott responded with his personal boat to assist in the search. Dam B VFD also launched a boat and assisted with the search.


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